This is my Vim configuration a.k.a .vimrc. You can download the file from here. Feel free to use and customize.

Below are some description of its contents:

Use vim settings instead of vi

set nocompatible 

No backup or swap

set nobackup nowritebackup noswapfile autoread          

Enable per-directory .vimrc files

set exrc                                                

Don’t unload buffer when switching away

set hidden                                              

Allow per-file settings via modeline

set modeline                                            

Disable unsafe commands in local .vimrc files

set secure                                              

Saving and encoding

set encoding=utf-8 fileencoding=utf-8 termencoding=utf-8

Command completion

set wildmenu                                            

Allow backspacing over everything in insert mode

set backspace=indent,eol,start                          

Display status line which contains current mode, file name, file status, ruler, etc.

set laststatus=2                                        

Always set autoindenting on

set autoindent                                          

Display incomplete commands

set showcmd                                             

Keep upto 50 lines of command line history

set history=50                                          

Show a vertical line at the 79th character

set textwidth=80                                        

Highlight column after ‘textwidth’

set colorcolumn=+1                                      

Switch syntax highlighting on

syntax on                                               

Switch highlighting on the last used search pattern

set hlsearch incsearch ignorecase smartcase             

Don’t hide the mouse cursor while typing

set nomousehide                                         

Right-click pops up contect menu

set mousemodel=popup                                    

Show cursor position in status bar

set ruler                                               

Show line numbers on left

set number                                              

Disable code folding

set nofoldenable                                        

Scroll the window so we can always see 10 lines around the cursor

set scrolloff=10                                        

Kernel coding style

set tabstop=8                                           
set softtabstop=8                                       
set shiftwidth=8                                        
set noexpandtab                                         

Enable file type detection

filetype plugin indent on                               

Shortcut to search visually selected text

vnoremap // y/<C-R>"<CR>

Check if running on gvim

if has("gui_running")                                   

Set terminal color to 256

set t_Co=256                                          

Check if using Windows

if has("win32") || has("win16")                       

Set Ubuntu Mono font with size 11

set guifont=Ubuntu\ Mono:h11                        

Use solarized colorscheme

colorscheme solarized                                 

Set the background to dark color

set background=dark                                   

Highlight the current line

set cursorline                                        

Use letter as the print output format

set printoptions=paper:letter                         

I use Ubuntu font which can be download from To enable solarized colorscheme, download file solarized.vim from If you want to look my personal vim configuration, you can find it here.

I use this configuration in my Linux workstation and server. I use exclusively for editing linux kernel and other open source projects. For daily programming use, you can change the value of tabstop, softtabstop and shiftwidth.
Happy Vimming!

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